Alternate Plans

Flexible Alternate Benefits Plans

Health and Dental Spending Accounts

Perfect for the more budget-conscious employer, a maximum amount is assigned per period (annual, semi-annual available) per employee to be spent as the employee chooses, based on the Canada Revenue Agency’s guidelines of allowable deductible medical expenses under the Income Tax Act. No particular maximums or exclusions apply, however the employee only has the amount the employer has assigned them to use. It has proven to be an effective way to cut your risk of excessive claims, rising premiums, and still offer a flexible plan with additional bonuses to your employees.

Cost Plus Benefit Agreements

Ideal in paying predictable claims such as dental and vision or non-drug health items such as paramedical services or medical equipment, all Cost Plus claims are processed through the adjudication system at JSJ Insurance & Financial Group Inc. tax deductible to the employer, and reimbursed tax free to the employee.

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