Investments & Estate Planning

Retirement Savings Plans

We offer a variety of Registered and non-registered vehicles and concepts for you to invest in and provide you with detailed Retirement Planning when it’s most important to you! This written retirement plan is formulated with you based on your realistic retirement aspirations to show you what you need to do now to achieve the lifestyle you desire during retirement. Do you know what you should invest on a monthly basis in order to have an income of $50,000 per year at retirement? We’ll help you to discover the power of investing now and properly planning the sequence of retirement income!

Financial Planning

You know the saying “if you don’t know where you’re going… any road will get you there.” In this millennium you have to have a plan in order to achieve your goals – they don’t just happen. With the cost of living continually on the rise, it is everyone’s responsibility to plan for their futures. We offer specialized Financial Planning services which look at estate creation, educational funding for children, retirement planning, budgeting, investing to maximize growth or income, and looks at how to protect that wealth. Our financial planning maximizes tax effective wealth. We also will segregate the plan to just concentrate on the area which is important to you today and will help monitor future plans so they work under all circumstances. With our expert advice, we’ll help you down the “right road.”

Estate Planning

We all work hard to amass “stuff.” This stuff is in the form of monetary wealth, home equity, other assets and investments. Do you want to go into partnership with Canada Revenue Agency upon your death? The assets we amass over our lifetime are usually taxable in some form at some time after death. Often times, our heirs have to sell assets in order to pay the taxes, when that was not our intention upon death. Estate Planning allows you to look into the future and determine what assets you want to leave to whom including the “taxman.” Through Estate Planning we can help you to determine what you need to do to lessen or eliminate the amount of assets that become taxable.