Life & Health

Life Insurance:

A valuable financial resource in the event of one’s death, life insurance can often be seen as a difficult topic to discuss and understand. As your broker, JSJ Insurance & Financial Group Inc. works for you, the client, in order to help define your needs, find insurance that best suits your situation, and save you the hassle of comparing prices from different companies. We do it all for you! With resources at the tip of our fingers, we can tell you which insurance companies offer the best insurance product that fits your budget and present needs.

Life insurance has many uses – estate creation, estate preservation, debt repayment on death, vital income to remaining family members, partnership preservation and/or share purchase agreements. There are many types of life insurance available to suit whatever your needs may be… from the more common such as term or permanent insurance to flexible investment tools such as universal life insurance. With our expertise we will help you choose the correct solution to your life insurance needs.

Critical Illness Insurance:

We are fortunate enough to live in a world of advancing technology, better treatments for what once were fatal illnesses, creating a longer and healthier life. But what if you WERE the victim – and survivor – of a critical illness? No one plans for such catastrophes, but you should consider the drain on your personal financial resources an illness could cause. From expensive medical care to loss of work and income, dipping into pension plans and registered investments, home equity and even insurance cash values can only provide limited financial relief. Critical Illness insurance is quickly becoming popular as one of the most financially viable options, as it gives you a lump sum of funds should you contract a critical illness defined in the policy…. Or reimbursing your paid premiums should you remain healthy.

Please review our Critical Illness brochure for further information on what benefits Critical Illness can offer.

Disability Insurance:

A Disability of longer than a few weeks will greatly affect the amount of income that comes into the household. Disability Insurance replaces the income a disability causes you to lose due to your inability to work. Private Disability Insurance can supplement what you have at work and can be used to replace your income if you do not have coverage through your work. Ask us how we can make the cost of your disability insurance tax deductible and how we can get your costs for your disability “refunded” to you if you do not use it.