Wealth Enhancement

Helping Your Money Work Harder For You!

Imagine with me if you will, that you earn an annual salary of $40,000. How much of that is spent on your daily expenses, and how much of that is “transferred” to governments and corporate bodies via taxes and interest? That $40,000 turns into an after-tax $28,000 (assuming 30% tax rate), and add on the consumption taxes of GST and PST that are included with every purchase, as well as property taxes, tax paid to drive (license fees), interest on your credit card balances and loans one can estimate that half of our income annually can be transferred away. So we can conclude then that what you earn isn’t what you make. You work hard for your money though, so why not try to make it work harder for you?

Obviously not all of these transfers are legally avoidable, however there are certain ways that we can help you to reduce the interest payments you make on debt, have money working for you all the time, and how to enhance your wealth as a result. Using methods available in the marketplace, we can show you how to bank differently, think about money and taxation differently and accumulate more money faster. That’s making your money work harder for you!